Zebra Limited Edition Print

Print Dimensions: 11×14 Matted Print
Print Media:
Digital Print on Paper, Acid Free Matte
Edition Size:


This signed limited edition print is one way you can directly support our adoption effort, plus get something special for yourself in return. Each print is signed & numbered by me (Jen Brandon), and lovingly packaged and shipped by my husband, Jared. We’re so grateful for your support through a purchase and sharing this fundraiser with your own community.


About Us

Who We Are

If you follow me and my work, then you probably know a bit about me and what we are up to. But if you stumbled here on your own, or were sent here by a friend, then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jen Brandon and I am an artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. I specialize in horse and pet portraits in oil paint. I have also illustrated a number of children’s books, and I offer online courses for artists. My husband, Jared, is a fine art printer—he serves artists by creating high-quality prints of their work to sell (including mine!). Our daughter, Autumn, is the light of our lives and we are so honored to be part of her adoption story.


Why We Are Fundraising

We are passionate about adoption, and are currently in the process of adopting our second child. We adopted our daughter, Autumn, when she was a newborn three years ago and we long to adopt again. We have been actively working toward that end for over a year. Adoption is an expensive process involving a lot of people and moving parts. It’s also a very emotional experience—our hearts are on the line every moment of every day as we wait for our opportunity to adopt. One of the most difficult things is to see costs of adoption rising and to realize that we still don’t have enough saved to completely cover all of the expenses we will have. So we save every penny we can, and look for creative ways to generate the income needed to fund our next adoption. This limited edition print product is part of that effort.


How Your Support Helps

We anticipate our adoption costs will be $50-60K. In addition to that, we need to pull together additional funds to cover out-of-state travel for up to a month (food, lodging, transportation), possible medical costs, and to cover as much of our income as possible during the first couple of months as we bond with baby—a critical part of adoption. Because we (my husband and I) are both self-employed, we can’t rely on things like paid maternity/paternity leave, paid vacation time, or employer adoption assistance. This is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it’s all up to us, and a blessing because, well—it’s all up to us, and we’ll do whatever it takes!