Hi, I'm Jen Brandon

I’m a professional oil painter specializing in all things equine and canine. It’s the power, grace, and emotion from these majestic and special animals that drives the loose, expressive energy inside my work. 

I could tell you all about my credentials—all the steps and accolades that have brought me success throughout my art career, but this is all you really need to know… 

I love what I do!

I’m passionate about expressing beloved animals with life and energy that depicts their active, loving, quirky lives. And I have a blast helping artists learn how to paint in a more loose, and expressive way, so they too can enjoy the freedom of a strong painting approach.

If you’re an animal lover looking for someone to express the unique qualities of your horse or pet in a way that captures their energy and spirit, instead of a traditional “portrait,” I’d love to chat with you. I work with the most wonderful clients around the globe, and it’s an honor to connect and create with collectors who share a passion for their animals and good art.

For Artists

Maybe you’re an artist, ready to learn how to unlock the expressive painter within you. I’d love to join you in your artistic journey and help give you the tools you need to have success and confidence in a loose, expressive, painting style that rings true and beautiful.

Let's Connect!

You’re already awesome in my book because you’ve read to the end of my About page! 🙌.

I think that means we need to connect! Let’s catch up on Instagram or Facebook!

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P.S. If you’d like to read my full bio with all the glitter and glam, click here

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